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Track nameDateUserDistanceAverage speedMax speedMin elevationMax elevation
TLT returnTue 17th Oct 17dave415.933.841.567
TLTTue 17th Oct 17dave5.514.825.369.393.7
ride to workTue 17th Oct 17dave3.41427.848.565.5
ride homeMon 16th Oct 17dave2.714.826.94967.5
ride to workMon 16th Oct 17dave3.412.622.759.576
ride to workThu 12th Oct 17dave3.312.224.838.555
ride homeThu 12th Oct 17dave2.715.624.3-170
ride homeWed 11th Oct 17dave2.814.824.388.5106
ride to workWed 11th Oct 17dave3.412.225.460.578.5
ride to workTue 10th Oct 17dave3.413.227.152.569.5
TLT returnTue 10th Oct 17dave414.530.655.581
TLTTue 10th Oct 17dave5.614.328.15276
ride to workMon 9th Oct 17dave3.412.327.250.567.5
ride homeMon 9th Oct 17dave2.815.323.34.521
Royal WoottonSun 8th Oct 17dave39.515.946.145.4124.1
ride to workFri 6th Oct 17dave3.413.227.231.548.5
ride homeFri 6th Oct 17dave2.815.826-16.50
ride homeThu 5th Oct 17dave2.822.226.43552
ride to workThu 5th Oct 17dave3.311.725.762.575
TLT returnWed 4th Oct 17dave415.729.63058
TLTWed 4th Oct 17dave5.614.926.5-323
ride to workWed 4th Oct 17dave3.413.725.544.561
ride homeTue 3rd Oct 17dave2.716.925.2-17.50
ride to workTue 3rd Oct 17dave3.412.828.82743.5
ride to workMon 2nd Oct 17dave3.412.525.757.575
ride homeMon 2nd Oct 17dave2.816.727.22240
ride homeThu 21st Sep 17dave2.816.127.52138.5
ride to workThu 21st Sep 17dave3.413.125.557.574
TLT returnWed 20th Sep 17dave415.332.951.578
TLTWed 20th Sep 17dave5.61527.332.357.7
ride to workWed 20th Sep 17dave3.413.426.94057
ride to workTue 19th Sep 17dave3.413.126.22340
ride homeTue 19th Sep 17dave9.815.328.93.557
ride homeMon 18th Sep 17dave2.418.522.95067
ride to workMon 18th Sep 17dave3.41429.54561.5
Royal WoottonSun 27th Aug 17dave441638.840.7122
bannerdownSat 19th Aug 17dave2614.938.325.5190.3
ride to workFri 18th Aug 17dave3.414.426.350.567.5
Long ride homeFri 18th Aug 17dave9.815.430.146104.8
ride homeThu 17th Aug 17dave2.816.626.557.575
ride to workThu 17th Aug 17dave3.413.628.35874.5
ride to workWed 16th Aug 17dave3.413.827.133.549.5
TLTWed 16th Aug 17dave5.715.929.327.353
TLT returnWed 16th Aug 17dave416.332.25580
ride homeTue 15th Aug 17dave2.81627.22642.5
ride to workTue 15th Aug 17dave3.4142744.561.5
ride homeMon 14th Aug 17dave2.816.426.127.544
ride to workMon 14th Aug 17dave3.414.227.734.552.5
TormartonSun 13th Aug 17dave37.115.837.947.7186.4
ride to workFri 4th Aug 17dave3.413.726.651.569.5
Long ride homeFri 4th Aug 17dave9.915.528.53793.4
ride homeThu 3rd Aug 17dave2.816.429.684.5101
ride to workThu 3rd Aug 17dave3.413.929.161.578.5
ride homeWed 2nd Aug 17dave2.816.326.299116.5
ride to workWed 2nd Aug 17dave3.415.128.45775
ride to workTue 1st Aug 17dave3.413.927.85672.5
ride homeTue 1st Aug 17dave2.716.828.22643
ride homeMon 31st Jul 17dave2.817.129.65471.5
ride to workMon 31st Jul 17dave3.414.529.563.580.5
BathfordSat 29th Jul 17dave25.915.541.223.2180.7
ride homeFri 28th Jul 17dave2.815.5278299.5
ride to workFri 28th Jul 17dave3.414.226.87692.5
ride to workThu 27th Jul 17dave3.41428.373.590.5
ride homeThu 27th Jul 17dave2.715.528.6102.5119.5
TLT returnTue 25th Jul 17dave416.631.668.593
TLTTue 25th Jul 17dave5.615.128.650.375.7
ride to workTue 25th Jul 17dave3.413.727.854.571
ride to workMon 24th Jul 17dave3.413.828.36582
ride homeMon 24th Jul 17dave2.814.826.116.533
ride homeSun 23rd Jul 17dave2.622.226.64763.5
ride to workFri 21st Jul 17dave3.414.227.275.592.5
Ride homeThu 20th Jul 17dave2.815.729.268.586
ride to workThu 20th Jul 17dave3.413.62685101.5
ride to workWed 19th Jul 17dave3.413.828.27794
ride homeWed 19th Jul 17dave2.81625.4113.5131
TLT homeTue 18th Jul 17dave416.534.470.595
TLTTue 18th Jul 17dave5.613.922.16892.7
Ride to workTue 18th Jul 17dave3.413.3295167.5
Ride homeMon 17th Jul 17dave2.815.825.9-160.5
Ride to workMon 17th Jul 17dave3.413.626.54258.5
Lost in BoxSun 16th Jul 17dave22.112.832.214.3107.8
Long ride homeFri 14th Jul 17dave9.815.728.6-14.838.5
Ride to workFri 14th Jul 17dave3.413.226.86077.5
Ride homeThu 13th Jul 17dave2.816.226.5-11.55
Ride to workThu 13th Jul 17dave3.414.529.353.570.5
Ride homeWed 12th Jul 17dave2.716.926.4-17.50
Ride to workTue 11th Jul 17dave3.413.727.45167.5
ride homeMon 10th Jul 17dave2.621.12673.590
ride to workMon 10th Jul 17dave3.413.225.56985.5
SandridgeSat 1st Jul 17dave23.414.255.640.9157.3
ride homeFri 30th Jun 17dave2.816.326.680.598
ride to workFri 30th Jun 17dave3.414.124.764.581
ride to workMon 26th Jun 17dave3.413.527.156.574
ride homeMon 26th Jun 17dave2.815.524.95167
ride homeFri 23rd Jun 17dave2.816.3261430
ride to workFri 23rd Jun 17dave3.413.825.553.571.5
ride homeThu 22nd Jun 17dave2.816.126.33653.5
Ride to workThu 22nd Jun 17dave3.413.527.148.565.5
ride to workWed 21st Jun 17dave3.41426.758.576
ride homeWed 21st Jun 17dave2.815.926.557.574.5
ride homeMon 19th Jun 17dave2.816.125.71026
ride to workMon 19th Jun 17dave3.414.529.14360
RoundwaySat 17th Jun 17dave23.813.241.320.2166.7
ride homeThu 8th Jun 17dave3.915.33093.5111.5
ride to workThu 8th Jun 17dave3.413.626.359.576.5
Ride to workTue 6th Jun 17dave3.411.522.978100.7
Ride homeTue 6th Jun 17dave2.815.629.4131.5150
ride homeMon 5th Jun 17dave2.814.424.8148.5166.5
ride to workMon 5th Jun 17dave3.413.828.168.587
Compton BassettSun 21st May 17dave3315.54551.4193.1
ride to workThu 18th May 17dave3.41726.249.566
ride homeThu 18th May 17dave2.816.628.452.569
Ride homeWed 17th May 17dave2.816.227.836.554
Ride to workWed 17th May 17dave3.412.423.85471.5
Ride homeThu 11th May 17dave2.71526.3209226
Ride to workThu 11th May 17dave3.414.227.163.580.5
ride to workWed 10th May 17dave3.413.726.35673.5
ride homeWed 10th May 17dave2.716.225.1127144.5
TLT returnTue 9th May 17dave416.63237.563
TLTTue 9th May 17dave5.614.322.91438.7
ride to workTue 9th May 17dave3.413.827.93553
ride to workMon 8th May 17dave3.413.725.75774.5
ride homeMon 8th May 17dave2.71524-18.50
Sally in the woodsSun 7th May 17dave3915.43423.6141
BradfordSun 30th Apr 17dave33.416.232.736.7178.8
ride homeFri 28th Apr 17dave2.714.727.21330.5
ride to workFri 28th Apr 17dave3.414.625.138.555.5
ride to workThu 27th Apr 17dave3.414.228.74159.5
ride homeThu 27th Apr 17dave2.817.329.8421.5
ride homeWed 26th Apr 17dave2.716.126.2-11.57
ride to workWed 26th Apr 17dave3.414.42634.552.5
ride homeMon 24th Apr 17dave2.716.926.638.557
ride to workMon 24th Apr 17dave3.414.727.64360.5
ride to workFri 21st Apr 17dave3.415.82856.573.5
ride homeFri 21st Apr 17dave2.817.327.2-16.50
ride homeThu 20th Apr 17dave2.817.328.5-170
ride to workThu 20th Apr 17dave3.415.827.126.543.5
TLT returnWed 19th Apr 17dave417.833.3-251
TLTWed 19th Apr 17dave5.615.623.6-221.3
ride to workWed 19th Apr 17dave3.41528.321.539
ride to workTue 18th Apr 17dave3.415.126.833.551
ride homeTue 18th Apr 17dave2.816.824.2-180
Royal WoottonSat 15th Apr 17dave39.816.945.948.3131.7
ride homeThu 13th Apr 17dave2.816.226.1-116
ride to workThu 13th Apr 17dave3.414.526.830.548.5
ride to workWed 12th Apr 17dave3.414.926.545.563
TLTWed 12th Apr 17dave5.615.726.737.362.7
TLT returnWed 12th Apr 17dave415.530.33461
ride homeTue 11th Apr 17dave2.817.427.8-170
ride to workTue 11th Apr 17dave3.415.428.81937.5
ride homeMon 10th Apr 17dave2.829.128.2-17.50
ride to workMon 10th Apr 17dave3.415.226.93250
Bishops CanningsSun 9th Apr 17dave31.715.639.945.4192.1
ride homeFri 7th Apr 17dave2.716.425.2-16.50
ride to workFri 7th Apr 17dave3.415.527.95775
ride homeThu 6th Apr 17dave2.817.327.3-170
ride to workThu 6th Apr 17dave3.414.328.6-314.5
ride to workWed 5th Apr 17dave3.413.628.84057
TLTWed 5th Apr 17dave5.614.824.3-1.721.7
TLT returnWed 5th Apr 17dave416.529.9-10.515
ride homeTue 4th Apr 17dave2.816.825.7-180
ride to workTue 4th Apr 17dave3.414.527.63449.5
ride homeMon 3rd Apr 17dave2.715.924.5-17.50
ride to workMon 3rd Apr 17dave3.414.726.617.535.5
BrassnockerSun 2nd Apr 17dave33.715.142.822.5171.5
ride to workFri 31st Mar 17dave3.414.93162.580
ride homeFri 31st Mar 17dave2.81627.18199
TLT returnWed 29th Mar 17dave420.128.343.570.5
TLTWed 29th Mar 17dave5.615.726.90.726.3
ride to workWed 29th Mar 17dave3.414.226.95471.5
ride to workTue 28th Mar 17dave3.414.926.749.568
ride homeTue 28th Mar 17dave2.715.426.6-8.59
Long ride homeMon 27th Mar 17dave9.915.629.645.3114.2
Ride to workMon 27th Mar 17dave3.414.526.15472
ride homeFri 24th Mar 17dave2.818.228.4-17.50
ride to workFri 24th Mar 17dave3.414.727.73148
ride to workThu 23rd Mar 17dave3.414.324.353.570.5
ride homeThu 23rd Mar 17dave2.817.329.26.525.5
ride homeWed 22nd Mar 17dave2.823.925.85574
ride to workWed 22nd Mar 17dave3.41425.674.591
TLT returnTue 21st Mar 17dave415.629.688114
TLTTue 21st Mar 17dave5.614.927.284109.7
ride to workTue 21st Mar 17dave3.414.426.36179
ride to workMon 20th Mar 17dave3.414.526.273.591.5
ride homeMon 20th Mar 17dave2.817.227.3117.5136
DevizesSun 19th Mar 17dave28.715.945.153.1212.8
ride homeFri 17th Mar 17dave2.816.229.610.528.5
ride to workFri 17th Mar 17dave3.414.626.6-8.59.5
ride homeMon 13th Mar 17dave2.716.329.6-17.50
ride to workMon 13th Mar 17dave3.414.727.624.542
BannerdownSun 12th Mar 17dave2615.540.216.6177.9
ride homeFri 10th Mar 17dave2.815.728.8-180
ride to workFri 10th Mar 17dave3.415.228.160.577.5
ride homeThu 9th Mar 17DAVE2.715.925.8-180
ride to workThu 9th Mar 17DAVE3.314.526.144.562
ride to workWed 8th Mar 17dave3.413.52353.570
TLTWed 8th Mar 17dave5.615.626.143.768
TLT returnWed 8th Mar 17dave415.630.14169
ride homeTue 7th Mar 17dave2.721.124.340.557.5
ride to workTue 7th Mar 17dave3.414.827.855.574
ride homeMon 6th Mar 17dave2.8162773.591
ride to workMon 6th Mar 17dave3.414.427.965.582.5
Tormarton bus (rain) shelterSat 4th Mar 17dave43.815.938.551.2197.1
ride homeFri 3rd Mar 17dave2.82523.8231249
ride to workFri 3rd Mar 17dave3.414.828.899118
ride homeWed 1st Mar 17dave2.618.826.5134151
ride to workWed 1st Mar 17dave3.413.124.98098.5
ride to workTue 28th Feb 17dave3.413.326.595113
TLTTue 28th Feb 17dave5.614.729.2244270
TLT returnTue 28th Feb 17dave41529.2136.5165
ride homeMon 27th Feb 17dave2.715.825.6282.5300
ride to workMon 27th Feb 17dave3.414.426.795.5114
Trigger's broom rides again!Sun 26th Feb 17dave33.315.840.259.3142.4
ride homeThu 23rd Feb 17dave2.816.729.7130.5149
ride to workThu 23rd Feb 17dave3.413.522.274.799.7
ride to workWed 22nd Feb 17dave3.312.623.659.577
ride homeWed 22nd Feb 17dave2.715.129.783.5103
ride homeMon 20th Feb 17dave2.817.227.6-89.5
Ride to workMon 20th Feb 17dave3.413.626.74158
ride homeThu 16th Feb 17dave2.715.126.5-180
ride to workThu 16th Feb 17dave3.414.527.352.570.5
ride to workWed 15th Feb 17dave3.313.527.844.561.5
TLTWed 15th Feb 17dave5.613.723-221.3
TLT returnWed 15th Feb 17dave415.631.20.527.5
ride homeTue 14th Feb 17dave2.815.825.5-17.50
ride to workTue 14th Feb 17dave3.313.8283957.5
ride homeMon 13th Feb 17dave2.815.625.43653.5
ride to workMon 13th Feb 17dave3.41427.771.589.5
BathfordSun 12th Feb 17dave26.512.840.36.9169.4
ride homeFri 27th Jan 17dave2.913.924.276.594
ride to workFri 27th Jan 17dave3.413.823.55674.5
ride homeThu 26th Jan 17dave2.814.721.14361.5
ride to workThu 26th Jan 17dave3.413.927.85574
ride to workWed 25th Jan 17dave3.413.627.32948.5
ride homeWed 25th Jan 17dave2.814.122.84259.5
TLT returnTue 24th Jan 17dave416.228.7-1710
TLTTue 24th Jan 17dave5.61423.5-223.7
ride to workTue 24th Jan 17dave3.413.526.542.562
ride to workMon 23rd Jan 17dave3.413.824.55473.5
Long ride homeMon 23rd Jan 17dave9.814.927.932.387.8
ride homeFri 20th Jan 17dave2.715.525.11937.5
ride to workFri 20th Jan 17dave3.413.225.65070.5
ride homeThu 19th Jan 17dave2.8162634.552
ride to workThu 19th Jan 17dave3.412.4245069.5
ride to workWed 18th Jan 17dave3.413.827.4-7.511
TLTWed 18th Jan 17dave5.61423.3-222.7
TLT returnWed 18th Jan 17dave3.234.125.754.574
ride homeTue 17th Jan 17dave2.714.826.2-180
ride to workTue 17th Jan 17dave3.412.827.132.550
Ride homeMon 16th Jan 17dave2.815.524.1-180
Ride to workMon 16th Jan 17dave3.413.226.852.569.5
Lost in CalneSat 14th Jan 17dave18.512.536.142.3126.8
ride homeFri 13th Jan 17dave2.715.326.52038
ride to workFri 13th Jan 17dave3.412.823.65574.5
Cotic 1Sat 7th Jan 17dave33.413.738.853.1132.4
ride homeThu 5th Jan 17dave2.814.828.750.577.5
Ride to workTue 20th Dec 16dave3.414.726.948.676.6
Snap!Tue 20th Dec 16dave1.727.820.363.781
ride homeFri 16th Dec 16dave2.816.327.5-26.80
ride to workFri 16th Dec 16dave3.414.427.73967
ride homeThu 15th Dec 16dave2.816.223.960.887.3
ride to workThu 15th Dec 16dave2.413.824.936.361
ride to workWed 14th Dec 16dave3.413.927.142.869.2
ride homeWed 14th Dec 16dave2.81629.813.340.5
ride homeTue 13th Dec 16dave2.815.823-4.822
ride to workTue 13th Dec 16dave3.413.929.747.675
ride homeMon 12th Dec 16dave2.815.427.3-18.57
ride to workMon 12th Dec 16dave3.21723.45178
ride homeFri 9th Dec 16dave2.815.725.15.831
ride homeFri 2nd Dec 16dave2.816.725.1-4.320.8
ride to workFri 2nd Dec 16dave3.414.326.533.865.2
ride homeThu 1st Dec 16dave2.815.924.6-25.80
ride to workThu 1st Dec 16dave3.414.527.935.468
Long ride homeFri 25th Nov 16dave9.91631.3-14.852.3
Ride to workFri 25th Nov 16dave3.414.825.844.673.2
ride to workThu 24th Nov 16dave3.313.324.92148.4
ride homeThu 24th Nov 16dave2.816.425.7-1411
TLT returnWed 23rd Nov 16dave417.731.113.255.2
TLTWed 23rd Nov 16dave3.614.422.30.224.4
ride to workWed 23rd Nov 16dave3.414.828.14674.2
ride to workTue 22nd Nov 16dave3.413.925.484.4110.6
ride homeTue 22nd Nov 16dave2.817.226.582.8109.3
wet againMon 21st Nov 16dave2.815.923.5279306
wetMon 21st Nov 16dave2.713.721.874.599.5
Ride homeFri 18th Nov 16dave2.81627165192
Ride to workFri 18th Nov 16dave3.414.624.764.293.6
Ride to workThu 17th Nov 16dave3.313.425.964.295.4
ride homeThu 17th Nov 16dave2.817.230.4182211
ride homeWed 16th Nov 16dave2.816.125.835.862
ride to workWed 16th Nov 16dave3.413.825.342.671
ride to workTue 15th Nov 16dave3.413.428.246.474
TLTTue 15th Nov 16dave5.616.329.142.974.9
TLT returnTue 15th Nov 16dave416.429.4-12.229
ride homeMon 14th Nov 16dave2.816.526-26.30
ride to workMon 14th Nov 16dave3.414.228.236.463.2
BathfordSun 13th Nov 16dave27.815.237.64.7167.7
ride homeFri 11th Nov 16dave2.817.227.5-250
ride to workFri 11th Nov 16dave3.415.128.346.275.2
ride to workThu 10th Nov 16dave3.414.527.94370.4
ride homeThu 10th Nov 16dave2.81727.75580
ride homeMon 7th Nov 16dave1.823.624.32131
ride to workMon 7th Nov 16dave3.413.823.847.276
Ride homeFri 28th Oct 16dave2.817.427.3-22.70
Ride to workFri 28th Oct 16dave3.415.6274268.8
Ride to workThu 27th Oct 16dave3.414.72825.652.4
Long ride homeThu 27th Oct 16dave9.916.129.3-30.835.3
Ride homeWed 26th Oct 16dave2.816.327-25.80
Ride to workWed 26th Oct 16dave3.415.127.94370.4
TLT return (with puncture)Tue 25th Oct 16dave2.618.636.3-15.77
TLTTue 25th Oct 16dave5.715.925.161.391.3
Ride to workTue 25th Oct 16dave3.414.828.94470.4
Ride to workMon 24th Oct 16dave3.415.127.944.271.4
Ride homeMon 24th Oct 16dave2.817.124.654.582
TLT returnThu 20th Oct 16dave417.531.934.476
TLTThu 20th Oct 16dave5.615.724.141.771.6
Ride to workThu 20th Oct 16dave3.414.6244571.4
Ride to workTue 18th Oct 16dave3.41527.448.275.4
Ride homeTue 18th Oct 16dave2.818.427.3-22.30
Ride homeMon 17th Oct 16dave2.816.726.3-14.312
Ride to workMon 17th Oct 16dave3.413.226.86692.4
TormartonSun 16th Oct 16dave37.115.334.945.7185
Ride to workFri 7th Oct 16dave3.415.229.43866.4
Ride homeFri 7th Oct 16dave2.817.125.916.740
Ride homeThu 6th Oct 16dave2.816.925.8-22.70
Ride to workThu 6th Oct 16dave3.414.730.11946.4
Long ride homeFri 30th Sep 16dave9.916.52951.9118.9
Ride to workFri 30th Sep 16dave3.414.526.632.660.8
Ride to workThu 29th Sep 16dave3.41427.13763.4
TLTThu 29th Sep 16dave5.716.229.859.490.3
TLT returnThu 29th Sep 16dave417.432.643.485
Ride homeFri 23rd Sep 16dave2.816.724.9-25.30
Ride to workFri 23rd Sep 16dave3.415.827.7-11.812.5
TLT returnThu 22nd Sep 16dave417.633.120.261.4
TLTThu 22nd Sep 16dave5.716.426.213.143.4
Ride to work (wet)Thu 22nd Sep 16dave3.414.429.25277.6
Ride to workWed 21st Sep 16dave3.415.529.73865.2
Long ride homeWed 21st Sep 16dave9.916.528.546.1112.6
Ride homeTue 20th Sep 16dave2.817.925.5-14.78
Ride to workTue 20th Sep 16dave3.414.927.639.265.2
Ride homeMon 19th Sep 16dave2.816.825.9-24.50.3
Ride to workMon 19th Sep 16dave3.414.730.92955.4
Ride to workFri 16th Sep 16dave3.415.327.744.270.4
Ride homeFri 16th Sep 16dave2.817.126.715.840.5
Rideto MRGThu 15th Sep 16dave1.61826.78293
Ride to workThu 15th Sep 16dave3.414.428.55279.4
Ride homeWed 14th Sep 16dave2.817.427.55072
Ride to work from MRGWed 14th Sep 16dave1.518007.97081.5
Ride to workTue 13th Sep 16dave3.413.326.35885
Long ride homeTue 13th Sep 16dave9.916.72869.7131.4
Ride homeMon 12th Sep 16dave2.816.926.95983.3
Ride to workMon 12th Sep 16dave3.414.729.640.867.8
Royal WoottonSun 11th Sep 16dave42.71639.260.3141.1
Long ride to MRGFri 9th Sep 16dave7.716.828.161.1118.6
Ride to workFri 9th Sep 16dave3.415.729.94773
Ride to work from MRGWed 7th Sep 16dave1.61619.91021.5
Long ride homeWed 7th Sep 16dave9.917.430.329.995.3
Long ride to MRGTue 6th Sep 16dave7.717.429.3-2133.6
Ride to work from MRGTue 6th Sep 16dave1.621.418.14963.7
Ride homeMon 5th Sep 16dave2.817.228.549.372
Ride to workMon 5th Sep 16dave3.414.52944.270.2
MarlboroughSun 4th Sep 16dave43.515.341.956.6267.9
Ride to workFri 2nd Sep 16dave3.415.128.742.668.8
Ride homeFri 2nd Sep 16dave2.817.229.7224
TLT returnThu 1st Sep 16dave447.822.353.391
TLTThu 1st Sep 16dave5.715.831.5-1.728.3
Ride to workThu 1st Sep 16dave3.415.229.54168.2
Ride to workWed 31st Aug 16dave3.415.229.3-11.415.2
Ride homeWed 31st Aug 16dave2.817.528.61133
Long ride homeTue 30th Aug 16dave9.916.131.2-26.634.3
Ride to workTue 30th Aug 16dave3.41529.623.450.8
BannerdownSun 21st Aug 16dave2614.435.913.2176.2
Long ride homeFri 19th Aug 16dave9.91731.476.6141.6
Ride to workFri 19th Aug 16dave3.415.828.955.581
Ride to workWed 17th Aug 16dave3.415.230.440.267.6
Ride homeWed 17th Aug 16dave2.817.12749.772
TLT returnTue 16th Aug 16dave417.834.931.670.8
Long ride TLTTue 16th Aug 16dave5.615.824.729.460.3
Ride to workTue 16th Aug 16dave3.415.528.24065
Ride to workMon 15th Aug 16dave3.415.426.935.462.2
Ride homeMon 15th Aug 16dave2.817.227-24.80
Long ride homeFri 12th Aug 16dave9.916.429.3-28.735.9
Ride to workFri 12th Aug 16dave3.415.727.348.373.3
Ride homeThu 11th Aug 16dave2.818.630.6-240
Ride to workThu 11th Aug 16dave3.415.227.239.867.8
Ride to workWed 10th Aug 16dave3.415.529.1-1213.8
Long ride homeWed 10th Aug 16dave10.116.830.6-28.535
Ride homeTue 9th Aug 16dave2.81629.5-24.80
Ride to workTue 9th Aug 16dave3.415.12914.842.2
Ride homeMon 8th Aug 16dave2.816.728.7-26.30
Ride to workMon 8th Aug 16dave3.414.326.55381
Avoncliff (fail!)Sat 6th Aug 16dave41.114.540.3-34.9122.9
Ride homeFri 5th Aug 16dave2.817.929.5-22.30
Ride to workFri 5th Aug 16dave3.414.929.648.874.6
Ride homeThu 4th Aug 16dave2.817.230.145.570.5
Ride to workThu 4th Aug 16dave3.414.427.36895.2
TLT returnWed 3rd Aug 16dave417.632.177.4119
TLTWed 3rd Aug 16dave3.616.625.2100.8123.4
Ride to workWed 3rd Aug 16dave3.415.429.266.292.8
Ride to workTue 2nd Aug 16dave3.415.728.861.387.8
Ride homeTue 2nd Aug 16dave2.817.127.76186
Ride homeMon 1st Aug 16dave2.62327.37.328.7
Ride to workMon 1st Aug 16dave3.415.628.1-1214.4
Ride homeWed 27th Jul 16dave2.816.528.41843
Ride to workWed 27th Jul 16dave3.414.826.850.477.2
Ride homeTue 26th Jul 16dave2.817.830.2-211
Ride to workTue 26th Jul 16dave3.216.425.649.574.8
Ride to workMon 25th Jul 16dave3.414.52764.491
Ride homeMon 25th Jul 16dave2.817.528.7-193
Acton Turville (wet)Sun 24th Jul 16dave4215.339.342.4129.4
Ride homeFri 22nd Jul 16dave2.817.429.8-8.815
Ride to workFri 22nd Jul 16dave3.415.328.632.858.8
Ride homeThu 21st Jul 16dave2.816.928.615.541
Ride to workThu 21st Jul 16dave3.414.926.837.865.8
Ride homeWed 20th Jul 16dave2.816.930.741.368
Ride to workWed 20th Jul 16dave3.414.827.886.6110.6
Ride to workTue 19th Jul 16dave3.414.127.83763.6
TLTTue 19th Jul 16dave3.615.524.55881.2
TLT returnTue 19th Jul 16dave417.83352.892
Ride homeMon 18th Jul 16dave2.816.424.1-204
Ride to workMon 18th Jul 16dave3.414.428.425.452.2
Ride homeFri 15th Jul 16dave2.815.425.6-25.50
Ride to workFri 15th Jul 16dave3.414.528.132.658.6
Ride to workWed 13th Jul 16dave3.414.827.943.869.6
TLTWed 13th Jul 16dave3.517.225.2-1.520
TLT returnWed 13th Jul 16dave6.61641.521.774.9
Ride homeTue 12th Jul 16dave2.817.728.43659
Ride to workTue 12th Jul 16dave3.41528.64368.8
Ride homeMon 11th Jul 16dave2.817.133.460.889
Ride to workMon 11th Jul 16dave3.414.228.185.2112.6
Ride homeFri 8th Jul 16dave2.81727.2325.7
Ride to workFri 8th Jul 16dave3.413.426.846.473
Ride to workThu 7th Jul 16dave3.41426.839.466
Ride homeThu 7th Jul 16dave2.716.827.51537.3
TLT returnWed 6th Jul 16dave41730.5848
TLTWed 6th Jul 16dave5.614.524.9-1.532.4
Ride to workWed 6th Jul 16dave3.314.42835.461.4
Ride homeTue 5th Jul 16dave2.816.528.842.868
Ride to workTue 5th Jul 16dave3.413.42828.854
Foxham foxleySat 18th Jun 16dave33.31537.6-19.168.5
Ride to workFri 17th Jun 16dave3.414.430.77196.6
Ride homeFri 17th Jun 16dave2.816.22763.589
Ride homeThu 16th Jun 16dave2.816.527.6139.3165
Ride to workThu 16th Jun 16dave3.413.829.275.6101.4
Ride homeFri 3rd Jun 16dave2.816.327.32348.3
Ride to workFri 3rd Jun 16dave3.41526.6429.3
Ride homeThu 2nd Jun 16dave2.721.823.2-18.34.3
Ride to workThu 2nd Jun 16dave3.414.328.3-1315.2
Ride to workThu 26th May 16dave3.414.929.647.275.8
Ride homeThu 26th May 16dave2.816.326.320.846
FoxhamThu 5th May 16dave17.414.943.845.3122
Bathford (Hail)Fri 29th Apr 16dave25.914.139.313.8179.4
SherstonSun 17th Apr 16dave30.415.632.441.9113.3
BathfordSat 2nd Apr 16dave27.214.141.540.7196.6
BannerdownSun 20th Mar 16dave2613.938.426.4183.3
GrittletonSun 13th Mar 16dave2414.236.147.9138.2
Royal WoottonSun 6th Mar 16dave31.214.438.253.4117.4
TormartonSun 14th Feb 16dave30.713.738.228.7182.5
Sham Calne and backSat 30th Jan 16dave23.113.733.530.9121.1
Royal WoottonSat 16th Jan 16dave2913.743.451133.8
The GiffordSun 22nd Nov 15dave26.614.239.551.1182.7
TetburySun 18th Oct 15dave41.714.933.549.1118.3
Minety (part II)Sat 26th Sep 15dave4.316.234.7-47.22.5
Minety (part I)Sat 26th Sep 15dave41.115.130.310.990.7
BathfordSat 12th Sep 15dave25.914.737.719.8181
CrowlandSun 6th Sep 15dave16.817.524.8-33.2
Potterne wickSat 29th Aug 15dave37.715.231.829.2148.8
BoxSun 16th Aug 15dave23.113.633.721.4126.4
TockenhamSun 2nd Aug 15dave27.915.537.454.6134.7
SherstonSun 19th Jul 15dave31.615.934.551.8145.2
Bishops CanningsSat 4th Jul 15dave26.813.942.761.3191.3
Gran Fondo - Tour of CambridgeSun 7th Jun 15dave83.117.728.75.173.1
BathfordFri 29th May 15dave25.9154126.2189.5
Bremhill trippleWed 20th May 15dave24.914.840.3-15.967.7
NaishSun 17th May 15dave29.515.644.64142.3
PewseySat 9th May 15dave56.514.832.838.2266.4
Foxham Foxley (wet)Mon 4th May 15dave33.316.93979.9157.3
BannerdownFri 1st May 15dave2614.83634.8196.2
BathfordTue 28th Apr 15dave25.915.538.5-30.5131.4
StamfordSun 26th Apr 15dave34.616.632.20.160
BathfordWed 22nd Apr 15dave25.915.641-25.8125
Royal woottonSun 19th Apr 15dave35.215.836.237.4112.6
BathfordWed 15th Apr 15dave25.914.838.848.5197.3
SherstonSat 11th Apr 15dave29.315.233.139.8135
Foxham foxleySun 15th Mar 15dave33.315.535.619.8102.5
BathfordSat 7th Mar 15dave25.914.637.311.5174
Stamford blastSun 1st Mar 15dave26.115.529.94.767.4
5 ways 2 waysSun 22nd Feb 15dave27.81435.330.3174.9
MalmsburySun 15th Feb 15dave26.315.132.338.1110.4
TormartonSun 8th Feb 15dave28.914.433.130174.2
SherstonSun 9th Nov 14dave30.315.631.3102.3195.1
Royal WoottonSat 1st Nov 14dave33.615.336.545.5119.1
TrowbridgeSun 28th Sep 14dave42.61633.937.1133.6
SherstonSun 21st Sep 14dave29.316.735-12.773.4
Royal WoottonSat 30th Aug 14dave37.515.937.337.1122.5
Bath multihillSun 24th Aug 14dave45.913.74028.9230.2
Bremhill doubleWed 20th Aug 14dave19.515.537.142.1116.1
Brassnocker bathfordSun 3rd Aug 14dave35.814.839.837.8192.9
BannerdownWed 30th Jul 14dave25.515.334.727.1177.5
CalneThu 24th Jul 14dave28.81642.439.6157.8
Fen boy steps it upSun 20th Jul 14dave33.72035.923.590
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